In connection with the current situation due to the spread of the COVID-19, we would like to inform you that Mikrografija has taken a number of measures that will help manage the situation.

In connection with our services, this means that:

  • Our professional support will work smoothly with the possibility of time delays. This applies to all services that may be provided at our locations. To report an issue please use a standard email address:
  • All departments will work smoothly with the possibility of time delays in project implementation.
  • Only Mikrografija employees are allowed to enter the premises of the company. For exceptional cases, a person must send an e-mail to with the stated reason for the visit. If the entry is granted, a person must comply with the measures taken by the company.
  • Until cancellation, our employees do not carry out takeovers and deliveries, if the client has failed to provide adequate measures to protect our employees.
  • Until cancellation all business meeting are carried out remotely and via GSM.

We will keep you informed about any further changes.

Thank you for your understanding!