In love with paper? Not a problem.

We will handle your documentation as if it were our own!

We are aware that the path to a paperless office starts with well organized documentation. Despite the accelerated digitization of operations, some companies and individuals still prefer paper. Although this is perfectly fine, the amount of paper documents in today’s companies is growing and the laws state that they should be kept for extended periods of time. Mikrografija is here to help you with a comprehensive solution for a secure physical storage of your documentation.

Why choose us? Because we’re the best.

  • Documentation will be stored in a safe, legally compliant way.

  • Lower costs and effective archive management.

  • Documentation is accessible only to authorized users.

  • Full transparency and availability of documents.

  • Processes certified in line with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

  • Safe disposal of documents.

Archiving and physical storage of documentation is performed in legally compliant premises equipped with appropriate control systems.

More than 20 highly trained employees, who have passed an exam that qualifies them to handle documents and who have over 25 years of experience, guarantee that the documentation will be stored for the long term in a safe, legally compliant way.

If harmonizing legal requirements and regulations with your document archiving and handling needs is a challenge for your company, we are here to help. The best choice is hiring a comprehensive storage service at external provider.

Comprehensive certified document management services

Organising your own archive

Mikrografija can also help you organise your own archive. The service of implementing an archiving system at the client’s location ensures comprehensive document management, even on a daily basis, if necessary. In such cases, all paper material remains at the client’s location, while the archive management is taken over by Mikrografija, providing the service at the client’s storage facility. Added value – the documents are close to the users, while the extensive expertise of Mikrografija’s specialists optimises the internal document archiving process.

Why chose an internal archive?

  • These are flexible solutions that can be customised for the most challenging environments and user requirements.
  • Possible combining of the advantages of external archiving with those of on-site archiving.
  • Easier integration of processes and services related to document archiving.

We have over 80 km of archived documentation at several sites across Slovenia. All of our premises feature the following equipment:

  • water leak detectors
  • fire detectors
  • FM-200 gas extinguishing system (extinguishing system which does not damage the documentation)
  • physical protection
  • entry control
  • other protective equipment (for protection against rodents and insects, temperature and humidity measuring system etc, …)

Archiving procedure

  • Document pick-up,

    including loading and transport.
  • Checking, sorting, marking and listing

    the documentation and setting deadlines in accordance with regulations.
  • Archiving and physical storage of documentation

    is carried out in legally compliant premises equipped with appropriate control systems.
  • Regular maintenance of the archive

    includes checking the documentation and elimination of the documentation due to the expiration of the prescribed retention periods.
  • The contractor is committed to issue copies of stored documentation

    during the retention time upon written request of eligible or authorized applicants of the client.
  • Commission destruction of documentation

    after the expiration of the prescribed retention period.

We also provide disposal in the presence of a commission for archival material and documents after their statutory retention period has expired. For more information, please call 080 51 15 or contact us via e-mail.