Full security for data protection

mPrivacy simplifies the implementation of data protection measures in more than 30 companies in the EU and helps you to solve the GDPR challenge. Addresing data protection is a serious task for companies, which will have to address that with a sovereign approach, because otherwise they will be forced to take over a high risk.

In addition to the high penalties of the supervisory authorities, they are also at risk of damage, which may be caused by theft of unprotected data. However, data protection throughout the company, in accordance with regulations, is a task that can very quickly become the scourge of any DPO – responsible person for protecting data in an organization.

mPrivacy is focused on managing personal data and it has documented and evaluated all processes of personal data processing. The list of all processing processes in the mPrivacy solution not only helps to meet legal requirements, but also gives you a comprehensive overview. The software solution includes thousands of questions arising from the requirements of the GDPR and you can assign them according to the subject matter as a checklist.

The scope of mPrivacy

  • Integrated Checklist for Policy Analysis.

  • Monitoring and control of processes and privacy practices.

  • Audit trail.

  • Adjustable reports (up to 15 templates).

  • Processing the request.

  • Informing employees (e-learning, news).

  • Queries and information about data.

  • The concept of rights and roles.

  • Support for use in concern (control in affiliated companies).

  • Supporting the organization chart at the Group level.

  • Web interface.

  • Unlimited user licence.

In order to avoid excessive work, mPrivacy offers systematic use of pre-designed templates. You can customize and re-use the documents you’ve created. Your work will be so much more effective and you will gain time to increase the quality of your organization.

A systematic user interface simplifies the use. In addition, progress indicators in creating new data sets increase the user experience. You always see where you are in the process and get an overview of the status of each individual review process. The lights, like the traffic lights, let you know in which areas optimization is needed.