• Certified by the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.

  • Standardization of work processes (confirmation of invoices, capture of mail, …).

  • Audit trail for all changes and insights on documents.

  • Simple and advanced search allows you to quickly obtain results.

  • Encryption of documents to protect against unauthorized access.

  • Access to documents by authorized persons, anywhere and anytime.

  • HTML5 – responsive on all devices.

  • Lower labor costs and storage of documents in e-format.

Document system mDocs is a state-of-the-art solution for electronic document management in a business environment.

mDocs is distinguished by its modular software design, which enables upgrades and extensions in line with business development and growth.

It is very easy to customize the interface to your corporate colour scheme. The document system is designed in such a way that different workflows can be added and upgraded at any time. You can add process solutions one by one if you prefer a more phased approach or you can decide to implement everything at once.

It is intended to optimize the workflows and to make the documentation more transparent and accessible to everyone involved in a work process.

Endless possibilities of integration and connections

  • with your software solution (RESTful, API)

  • with our solutions (mScan, mSign, mSef, ...)

  • with third-party solutions (ERP, CRM, portal, ...)

mDocs is intended to optimize workflows and to make the documentation more transparent and accessible to everyone involved in a work process.

Data capture

Document source is not important for mDocs. Documents can be captured in physical form or transferred to the system in an existing electronic form.

Ways to capture and add documents to mDocs:

  • scanning paper documents
  • adding electronic documents
  • transfer of documents via clients (e-mail client, MS Office tools, …)
  • transmission using third-party software solutions with properly implemented integration

Document capture can also be automated, allowing you to work faster and accurate. We can use individual or mass capture from i.e. email, network locations or scanning and validation software mScan.

Process solutions



Control of incoming, outgoing and internal mail in electronic form.



Management and validation of invoices.



Contractual obligations management made easy.



Management of internal acts and ISO documents.



Constant insight, recording and control over the absence of the entire organization



Management and confirmation of purchase orders.



All documents about employees kept in one place.

mTravel order

mTravel order

Preparation of travel orders.



Contains: mCase, mIncoming mail, mInternal mail, mOutgoing mail.

Custom process

Custom process

A module designed according to the wishes and needs of the client.

Solutions and modules

mMail – Control of incoming, outgoing and internal mail in electronic form

  • Quick and easy mail distribution regardless of the recipient’s location.
  • Automatic distribution of received mail to invoices, purchase orders and contracts upon entering the company.
  • Possibility to forward mail to another user, co-users or reject incorrectly assigned mail.
  • Sending outgoing mail to multiple recipients.
  • Mail is assigned to the responsible person (registered user), followed by forwarding the mail for confirmation or to the mailroom and finishing the mail process, which can only be done by the responsible person.
  • Creating outgoing mail based on standard templates.
  • Convert attachments to PDF / A format for long-term storage.
  • Search for the full content of the “full-text search” document, including attachments.
  • Link mail to other documents (contract, project, purchase order, …).

mInvoice – Management and validation of invoices

  • Establish a process for validating received and issued invoices in accordance with the organization’s internal rules.
  • The process of approving the invoice enables the conformation of the financial officer and any number of additional confirmers – after approval, the invoice is closed.
  • Possibility of parallel confirmation, confirmation of the deputy in case of employee absence and rejection or forwarding of an incorrectly received invoice.
  • If an external invoice creation source is used in the document system (e.g. scanner), it is not necessary to create an invoice, as the invoice process in the document system starts with validation.
  • Connection of data with the existing information system of the organization (ERP, e-storage, CRM).
  • Display attachments directly in the internal view (EasyView).
  • You can choose between different types of invoices: credit, eInvoice, document, bill, invoice, cost invoice (at home, abroad).
  • Possibility of viewing / confirming and forwarding the invoice via mobile devices.
  • Possibility of administration via web interface for several separate instances (subsidiaries / independent companies).

mContracts – Management and automatic maintenance of contracts

  • Up-to-date management and automatic maintenance of all contracts with the established workflow of preparation, review and confirmation of contracts.
  • Management of access rights and informing users about new contracts or expiry date of already existing contracts.
  • Easy review of contracts (validity, signatories, prices, responsible persons, alarms for the preparation of the annex, projects related to the contract) and fast connection of contract documentation with other modules.
  • Reminding and informing about activities related to the contract and setting reminders.
  • After their expiry, contracts can be archived (later they can be changed back to valid ones, edited, you can add annexes, cancel or re-archive the contract).
  • Ability to view the actual document, add records and search for metadata.

mProject – Electronic documentation management of individual projects

  • Insight into activities and adding new activities (attachments, reminders) for all members of the project team.
  • Easy control over the current state of the project.
  • Review of project contracts.
  • Connection to different types of documents (contracts, invoices, letters, …) and the appropriate automatic or manual authorization of the approach or level of use.

mISO – Management and certification of ISO documents

  • Optimization of work process and more transparent monitoring of documentation.
  • Ensures certified retention, with available audit trail.
  • Support in building formalized documents and implementing internal rules of the organization.
  • Versioning, preparing, reviewing, certifying and informing about the internal acts of the organization in a predetermined workflow.
  • Management of corrective and preventive measures, assignment of ISO tasks and monitoring of implementation.
  • Support for the management of security incidents, disruptions and interruptions.
  • Planning and monitoring activities: internal and external audits, management reviews, customer evaluations, supplier evaluations, record keeping or review of process implementation, …
  • ISO documents can be created by administrators responsible for the ISO module, while other users have the right to submit templates for new versions of the document.
  • Document version control – display the valid version and view all previous versions of the valid document.
  • Use of standard templates and connection with MS Word, MS Excel (direct viewing, editing and saving).
  • Possibility of publishing valid documents on the client’s portal, synchronization of valid / cancelled documents.
  • Possibility to add signatures, logo and other company data to the document.

mHR – All employee-related documents in one place

  • Establishment of a process for the creation of employment contracts (possibility of using standard contracts).
  • Monitoring the career of the employee.
  • Electronic management of the employee’s personal file (employment contract, M forms, curriculum vitae, insurance policies, medical examination, information protection statements, annual leave, records of annual interviews, records of staff training, certificates of completed education, certificates, education reports, employee picture, …).
  • Reminders about the expiry of the employment contract and the possibility of other reminders (date of birth, date of examination, …).
  • Records of applications and tenders for employment and training or events.
  • Module mAbsence is included.

mldm – Identity management and management of access rights to information systems

  • Unified management of users rights.
  • Up-to-date, central and transparent status of allocated rights to users.
  • Defining user rights access for administrative purposes, security groups, email groups, file access, access to system solutions, administrative rights on the local server, …
  • Create a request for a new user or change the rights of an existing user, revoke the rights and reactivate the user.
  • Full integration with Active Directory (AD) and SQL.
  • Generate scripts.

mAbsence – Constant insight, recording and control over the absence of the entire organization

  • Prior announcement, approval and review of planned absences (full-time or hourly absence).
  • Establish a process for confirming the planned absence.
  • Recording of unplanned absence (illness, extraordinary absence, use of hours).
  • Calendar of total absence for the entire organization.
  • Link to mHR for transfer of annual leave.
  • Establishment of a replacement person during the absence (and designation of persons to be notified of the absence).
  • Selecting a substitute who can pick up our documents while we are not in the office.
  • Integration with access control systems.

mTravel order – Preparation of travel orders

  • Control over issued travel orders and cost calculations for specific orders.
  • Approval of the calculation of travel expenses paid with cash or with a credit card and the approval of a travel order by a superior, for a business trip abroad or at home.
  • Review of business trips for Slovenia and abroad.
  • Preparation of the statement after the end of the business trip, taking into account the tolls, parking fee and other services.
  • Vehicle reservation and vehicle availability control.
  • Adding planned route data, additional route description and task description.
  • Calendar display of travel orders.
  • Integration with ERP (third-party systems).
  • An invoice must be attached to the travel order (adding invoices to the travel order with a mobile phone).

mOrders – Manage internal order requests with ease

  • Immediate review of all open orders and control of internal employee order requests.
  • The module includes the preparation of the order, preview of attachments or electronic contracts, management of access rights and informing users about new orders or date of dispatch.
  • The system automatically connects the purchase order with the received invoice (connection of orders with other modules).
  • Get rid of manual control of physical orders and trust the correctness of entered data to the advanced control of mDocs solution.
  • After confirmation by all signatories and the responsible person, the order is confirmed and can be completed.
  • Possibility of confirming orders on the go.
  • Establishment of the process of generating purchase requests and purchase orders.
  • Possibility of connecting the process with the existing information system (e.g. with the code list products and companies).
  • Collection of individual purchase requests in a joint order.
  • Possibility of linking purchase orders with incoming invoices and contracts.
  • Ability to create pre-prepared reports on the use of the solution.

mBoard – support for the entire work process of Management Board meetings

  • Collecting Management Board meetings material and combining the material into one file.
  • Preparation and editing of agenda items (copying from previous sessions, or creating a new agenda – dynamic creation of documents based on pre-prepared templates).
  • Preparing meeting records and informing the participants about the changes.
  • Delegating and reviewing the implementation of the conclusions of the meeting.
  • Calendar view of all upcoming events and meetings.
  • Content search allows you to display the searched phrase in the document itself (not just to display the document that includes the phrase).
  • Save time and money in preparing and distributing meeting documentation.
  • A special user-friendly mobile application for key users.

mGOV – includes: mCase, mIncoming mail, mInternal mail, mOutgoing mail

  • Creating a new File and a new Case.
  • Support for the identification code and classification plan.
  • The possibility to initiate a document.
  • Management of incoming, outgoing and internal mail by electronic means.
  • Quick and easy mail distribution regardless of the recipient’s location.
  • Possibility to forward mail to another user, co-users or reject incorrectly assigned mail.
  • Creating outgoing mail based on standard templates.
  • Sending outgoing mail to multiple recipients.
  • Possibility to send outgoing mail and control outgoing mail by updating the status of the shipment (Printed, Sent, Delivered).
  • Link between other documents (link to the contract, project, purchase order, …).
  • Uniform method of recording cases and documents according to the general administrative procedure of the ZUP (General Administrative Procedure Act).

mInsurance – Management of insurance claims

  • Inspect the damage, prepare a record od damage, select appraiser, assess damage and perform appraisal control and liquidation.
  • Integration with the mScan and mSign solution for the purpose of scanning documents and signing documents electronically by the appraiser or client.
  • If you change the insurance information system, changes to the DMS are not necessary (Web Services connects to the new system and the DMS keeps running).

mPublic procurement - Management of the entire public procurement process

  • Management of the entire public procurement procedure.
  • Preparation of a public procurement proposal and implementation of the documentation validation process.
  • The process of approving a public procurement proposal.
  • Creating a public procurement on the basis of a public procurement proposal.
  • Publication of the public procurement and correspondence regarding questions that may arise.
  • Scanning of received bids, opening of bids in accordance with the public procurement procedure and redords of opening.
  • Negotiations and records of negotiations process.
  • Integration with the module mContract and mInvoice.

mITm – Infrastructure management

  • Creation and process validation of various requests for the needs of information systems management such as virtual servers, docker instances, FTP / SFTP accesses, SMS gateway.
  • Control and records of information systems.
  • A single point of records and audit trails of other systems.

Custom process – a module designed according to the wishes and needs of the client

  • The system is distinguished by a modular software design, which allows you to adapt the module to your wishes and needs.
  • Upgrades and expansions are introduced in line with business development and growth.
  • You can add process solutions one by one, or opt for simultaneous installation.
  • Workflows can be pre-set or created according to the requirements and needs of the client.
  • Adjustments are made quickly and easily.

Functional extensions

Electronic signature mSign is a technologically accomplished and secure, tried-and-tested solution, with which you can achieve tremendous savings in operating costs, while also complying with statutory requirements regarding security, and preventing any subsequent denial of credibility as well as any unauthorised interference in the already notarised documents.

It is a software platform that makes it easy to create and verify electronic signatures within the mDocs (document system, DMS) solution, but can also be used independently, as a self-standing portal. You can also integrate mSign with your key business applications (CRM, DMS, HR module, signing document through web form, etc.).



The electronic signature, captured with mSign, is legally equivalent to the handwritten signature. The product is also under EU Regulation EIDAS certification procedure.

mScan is a certified solution that allows you to capture data from various sources such as a scanner, email or file system. Paper documentation can easily be scanned using a scanner but capture of document data is also possible for attachments you receive via email. Within the file system, capture is defined from a predefined folder, and mScan can retrieve TiFF, BMP, JPEG, or PDF files.

mScan also supports full integration with document management system mDocs and e-storage mSef. It offers the option of exporting content to other systems and applications (Alfresco, Dropbox, …) which can additionally speed up and simplify working with documents that can quickly be placed within the document management system or e-archive.



After scanning the system recognizes metadata. It can recognize structured, semi structured and unstructured documents based on recognition rules and customer needs. Creation of index fields and corresponding recognition rules are done by administrator or mScan provider.

Key functionalities:

  • Creating and using multiple Projects and multiple Jobs inside each project (each project and job has its own settings).
  • Different ways to capture document (scanning, document import through hot folders, using web services, …).
  • Different document formats (paper, electronic document, EDI files, …).
  • Automatic separation of documents by barcodes, patch codes, blank sheets, number of pages or any custom document separator.
  • Editing of scan documents (rotating, rescanning, splitting, merging, automatic blank page deletion, colour dropout, edge correction, automatic document rotation, …).
  • Custom export in different file formats like TIFF, JPG, PDF, PDF/A, XML, Web Services, … It also supports full text recognition while exporting documents and document compression.

The mDocs4Outlook module takes care of transferring e-mails from the email client directly to the document system. The user determines which e-mail he wants to transfer to the document system. Depending on the settings the following information can also be automatically transferred to mDocs (in addition to the description fields):

  • attachments in their original form
  • the content of the e-mail in the MS Office Word format (docx)
  • the content of the e-mail in PDF format
  • full e-mail with attachments in EML format

The mDocs4Outlook add-in allows you to view document data directly from an email client. You can confirm or reject the document without leaving MS Outlook.

EASY View Plus extension lets you convert and view over 300 different formats of attachments, some used rarely. For example you can view Microsoft Office for template, Open Office formats, images, e-mails and AutoCAD. At the same time it offers configurable adapters/interfaces for formats that aren’t supported by default. The extension comes handy when used in mDocs on mobile devices and on stations that don’t have installed software for opening particular type of attachment.

Upload MS Office attachment to mDocs and next time view it as a PDF.

Supported formats:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Open Office
  • Images
  • E-mails
  • AutoCAD
  • other formats (with configurable adapters)

The mPrint module enables the conversion of images and MS Office formats into a legally compliant format for long-term storage of PDF/A. During the conversion, OCR (optical character recognition) is performed on the document.

Service for transferring various files and data between software solutions. The solution is especially necessary for various integrations with third systems.

Cloud or on premise? We provide both.

The mDocs cloud solution is practically the same as the on premise solution, with the difference that it is located in the Highly Secure Data center, which is owned by our company, and its function is to enable continuous business.

For less demanding processes, we have developed a very useful user interface for the administrator on the client-side, who can intervene in the process flow and adjust certain parameters in an instant (according to rights and internal procedures).

5 steps to paperless office

1. Digitalization

Capture the documentation with mScan solution regardless of a dispatch location.

2. Data capture

Pair the documents with database and get rid of duplicate entires.

3. Overview and processing

Drive document through business process you know.

4. Confirmation

Be notified and dynamic, confirm the document on way.

5. E-storage

Let us worry about storing the documents in a safe e-storage.
Take a step towards paperless operations and choose the document management system that will bring added value to your organisation. The best in business operate paper-free. Become one of the best in business!
Contact us if you are interested in mDocs!