Data center capacities

Data center and the related virtual server hosting services, renting space for physical server hosting and business solution hosting at a modern datacentre are services we have been providing to companies of all sizes for a number of years.

Mikrografija’s data center is used to provide numerous complex services. It is a highly reliable, capable and safe environment, in which various business workloads can be processed.

Advantages of renting hosting services at a data center:

  • Safe and reliable internet connections.

  • Lower IT infrastructure management costs.

  • Back up at a secondary location.

  • Customized services (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS).

  • Compliance with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

  • ECB-S certificate.

  • Professional on-call service available 24/7.

  • Control system enabling smooth operation with the help of an automatic event notification system (SMS, E-mail).

Not a single shortcut has been taken in the course of developing and equipping the datacentre. The data center holds the ECB-S certificate, which ensures the highest possible level of security. All the crucial infrastructure within the data center is duplicated so as to guarantee continuous operation at all levels.

Highly Secured System Space, measuring 30 m2, is equipped with:

  • redundant air conditioning to ensure that the entire system is optimally cooled
  • intelligent electrical cabinet for powering information technology
  • dual UPS power supply system
  • protection against fire and stagnant water intrusion and protection against electromagnetic interference
  • an automatic gas extinguishing system that protects the infrastructure from destruction
  • double floor
  • diesel aggregates to overcome longer power outages

Security is our top priority. Input controls and access to the secured room are authorised via the central register of users following the four-eyes principle. All entrances are under video surveillance, while the facility in which the data center is located is additionally burglar-proof as well as fire-proof.

The reasons why one should choose hosting at a specialised provider’s data center are clear.

Not only are most companies unable to match specialised providers in terms of ensuring the same level of safety and reliability in information infrastructure, taking such measures would be considerably more expensive for an individual company.

Renting a space or servers at a secure and certified data center is a significantly more elegant and sensible choice.

Do you have any further questions regarding server and application hosting? We will gladly provide answers and find a spot for you at our datacentre.