Internal rules, rules on archiving and classification plans

Good advice is worth its weight in gold, but organising document management in a business environment is a branch of science in itself. For several decades now, Mikrografija has acted as a specialist consultant on document handling and preparing internal rules and classification plans. We will gladly serve as your partner in setting up paperless operation for your company.

Adopting internal rules on capturing and digitally storing documents is important for companies, especially from the aspect of ensuring long-term legal validity of e-storage.

Internal rules are rules, which a legal entity adopts to serve as their internal legal act governing the:

  • digital storage of documentation
  • accompanying services (conversion from physical to digital format, conversion to long-term storage format, electronic process management, disposal of documents)
  • precise definition of the procedures for capturing and storing documents in digital form
  • provisions regarding the management of materials by checking retention periods
  • roles and authorization of employees involved in the procedures

The fundamental law directing the drawing up of Internal Rules is the Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia No. 30/2006), while individual requirements are laid down in the Rules on Uniform Technological Requirements published on the website of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.

Taking into account the requirements of organisation and the current regulations on handling documents, Mikrografija provides its clients with suitable internal rules (either partially or in full).

We can also draw up Rules on Archiving as pertaining to different users and taking into account the complexity of documents kept by the organisation in question. In addition to the Rules, we can prepare a classification plan.

Consultation process for the preparation of Internal Rules

  • GAP analysis in accordance with Uniform Technological Requirements.

  • Performance or preparation of internal rules in accordance with the GAP analysis.

  • Confirmation of Internal Rules.

  • Implementation of Internal Rules in accordance with the interest of the company.

  • Audits in accordance with the adopted Internal Rules.

Setting up document conversion and data capture centres

Operations can be optimised and employee work speed by setting up a centre for scanning various types and forms of documents and recording them in digital form, as well as capturing data from (un)structured documents on site. This can serve as an important tool in achieving competitive advantages since it helps greatly to establish fast and precise paperless operation.

At these “entry points”, the employees can convert paper documents by means of scanners featuring a number of different functionalities and capabilities (depending on the type and scope/amount of documentation). Data capture involves reading pre-determined or all data contained within the previously converted (scanned) document. This way, the documents enter the workflows and business processes in digital form, contributing significantly to faster and more precise operation.

Would your organisation like to implement paperless operations?

We can act as your technological or process partner in preparing the project of setting up solutions in document management, i.e. storage, capture, electronic process management, …

Such projects are completely customised to suit your documentation, processes and requirements. The purpose of such projects is to optimise internal processes by organising documents and archival material so as to become entirely digital and accessible to users at a click.

Paperless operation is a highly complex project, which should not be undertaken casually. Feel free to find support among Mikrografija’s highly experienced specialists.

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