Our newest solution, mSignum, was developed within the mChain project, which was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

It enables the conclusion of agreements in smart cities and communities using blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of identity, time stamping and certified permanent document retention.



With mSignum, you can access electronic certificates on your mobile phone. Certificates are stored on machine-protected HSM modules.



Signing documents is as easy as taking a photo with your mobile phone, without the need to install signature components.



Blockchain technology allows time stamping, so you no longer have to rely on one central authority, but on more than 10,000 nodes in the blockchain network.

The approach of asymmetric cryptography is almost 50 years old, but it is still considered to be the most appropriate way of encrypting and signing documents. Although this approach is used practically all over the world, the use of electronic signatures is still very complex from a user’s point of view.

Is it really necessary for the use of electronic signatures in the 21st century to be so unfriendly for the user? Does a user really have to install and maintain a set of signature components? Why is electronic signing still more complex than a physical signature?

Mikrografija has over 20 years of experience with electronic signing, digitization and storage of electronic documents. We have seen a challenge in the complexity of electronic signing, and in response we have developed a globally innovative solution, mSignum.

Key functionalities:

  • Electronic signature

    Certified electronic signature that is legally compliant and equivalent to a manual signature.
  • Electronic storage

    Your files are safely stored in certified e-storage mSef.
  • Document Sharing

    Send the document that needs to be signed to the final recipient or customer.
  • Signature on all devices

    Your digital certificate is safely stored in the cloud (eIDAS Regulation).
  • “Plug & Play”

    Easy integration with third-party systems via REST services.
  • Paperless business

    No unnecessary printing and associated costs.

Signing a document with mSignum is very simple. The company connects the application with mSignum server, and when the document is ready to be signed, the server generates a signature code of the document, which the application displays in a form of a QR code.

The user uses his camera to read the QR code and then, using a fingerprint or a pin code, confirms the signature of the document. The company gets a signed document, and the user receives a copy of the signed document in his mailbox.

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The investment is cofinanced by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.
For more information visit www.eu-skladi.si.