Documents on microfilm

Capturing documents on microfilm is an ideal solution for long-term document storage, as well as an effective method of solving the issue of insufficient space at the archives. Keeping documents on microfilm is regarded as one of the best and most reliable methods of long-term data protection.

The procedure of microfilming is standardised, simple to use and reliable. Although less convenient when it comes to data searching and reading in comparison with digital records, it compensates with the option of data recovery (which can, at times, prove to be invaluable).

Mikrografija uses state-of-the-art equipment to convert analogue records on microfilm, i.e. microfiche or aperture cards into digital form. Documents on microfilm and copies made from microfilm that are printed on paper are legally equal to the original paper documents and original digital records (except when regulations state otherwise).

By capturing content and additionally processing scanned images, the data can be imported directly into the system used for e-storage or document management. The result are black-and-white or grey-background scans in different formats, e.g. TIF, JPG, PDF (which feature the content search option).