Sadly, it’s not that simple. We need a lot more information to calculate the price. It’s never the same. Our clients have different needs and desires. Also the quality of the documentation varies.

First, we talk with the client and we are trying to understand their needs. In the end we prepare an offer for the client based on:

–          The type of the documentation: contract, personal folders, accounts, books, archive material,)

–          Is your documentation well preserved or damaged?

–          What is the format of documentation?

–          Do you prefer color or black-and-white scanning and in what resolution?

–          How do you want us to scan your documentation? Do you want one binder to be one PDF file?

–          Do you need OCR?

–          Is there any metadata available?

–          What do you wish us to do with the documentation after scanning? Do you want the documentation back or do you wish us to destroy it? We can offer you out safe storage.

When you will start a discussion in the company about scanning the documentation, please first answer the questions above.

Then write to us, or call. We will be happy to advise and help you. And probably ask some more questions. Digitization is just one step away, but it means a lot for the business. Do not worry, we will catch you.