In general, the Internet is a large network of computer networks and combines many services on its higher layers. One of the most popular services is wide web, with which we mark hyper-text documents or simple, web pages.

Every web page must be stored somewhere. The place where the web site is stored is called the web space, which is located on the web server, as we call a computer with installed software that serves the content of the website to the web browser in its comprehensible form.

Setting up your own web server is with quick instructions, open-source software and good hardware quite easy, but it also delivers many pitfalls with simplicity.

The default software settings usually allow a quick start of the work and many people quickly satisfy themselves simply by the fact that their solution is ”live” and forget about a more in-depth configurations and maintenance, leaving the system already at the beginning vulnerable by at least half of the ten most critical vulnerability of OWASP.

By characteristic, the default configurations are in such condition intended for the development environment and they can inadvertently and almost invisibly produce results that are not desirable in the production environment, since they can potentially jeopardize the security of the system against intrusion.

Web hosting software can run on almost any platform and hardware, but more comprehensive and demanding web solutions with a large number of users and simultaneous access require more powerful hardware. If the server is overloaded, the user experience will not be satisfactory, as in the first phase we achieve unsatisfactory response times, and in the second phase, we may even risk a downtime of the server.

In order to ensure optimum operation and constant availability of online services, we need a powerful and redundant computer and communication infrastructure with collocation with reliable hardware with which we provide quality service and with hand in hand redundant internet connection and uninterruptible power supply. A web solution in a stable environment does not bring us any benefit if it is not accessible over the network or if the network connection is slow.

Even the infrastructure that does not allow compromises will not be of much help to us if we do not even provide for the content. Unfortunately, we can never completely prevent human error. but we have the possibility to provide well-designed backups of data, thus creating a truly reliable information ecosystem.

Web hosting is the foundation of online business and it is very important that you can count on a safe and reliable web site hosting, e-mail and applications run by trained professionals in accordance with the highest security and technology standards, and you can focus your energy on business.