“Borders I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.” (T. Heyerdhal). The red threat of this year’s 9th Conference of Mikrografija, which took place on 11th October 2017 in Austria Trend Hotel in Ljubljana, were changes and motivation. In the first part, Saša Einsiedler addressed 250 visitors and pointed out that stress and negative energy do nothing good. We can turn to changes only if we trust ourselves. Being active and self-confident is necessary for opening up to others, to work well in the team and above all to make good decisions.

Boštjan Gaberc, the CEO of Mikrografija presented the main trends in e-business and digitization. Digital transformation is happening exponent and we are very much active in the concept of 4.0 Industry. Mikrografija is responding to this changes with a smart and thoughtful work. This is also demonstrated by our solutions and services that are carefully design for the needs of many subscribers. Our solutions also follow the needs of the legislation, including the GDPR regulation, which is slowly approaching and was presented to the participants by the Deputy Information Commissioner, MSc. Andrej Tomšič.

In the introduction, we presented our software for scanning and indexation mScan, which was upgraded this year. Because of its simple use, numerous Slovenian and foreign companies are using mScan in their work environment.

Showroom, which was prepared in cooperation with our partners, presented new products and solutions that were developed in the last year. Participants were able to view and test Avision, Kodak, Fujitsu and Zeutschel scanners. Our partner Easy Software was also present and open to many discussions about document management solutions. As always, our services were available for test and participants could see from the first hand that the steps towards change can be actually very simple. Section for e-business presented new and improved solutions for electronic signing mSign and electronic storage mSef. More about the digitization services in the specific field was available in the sections for librarians, archivist and museum workers.

The event was concluded by Dejan Zavec, world champion in boxing, who told us that it is always worth fighting. Sometimes things don’t go the way we want them, but we need to accept this. We only need to remember, that defeat is an information about what’s wrong. Next time it will be better. Mikrografija has been successfully fighting in its field for 25 years. Together with the participants we blew up 25 candles on the cake. Boštjan Gaberc, received a reward for 25 years of strategic guidance, quality and dedicated work, orientation for team spirit, thinking outside the box, inspiration, collaboration and proactive work.

In 25 years of its existence, Mikrografija has made a numerous changes in Slovenia, and above all is always making new breakthroughs and innovative solutions in the field of digitization. The conference, which provides novelties every years proves, that the company does not sleep and dictates the changes and improvements in business.