By issuing a decision on granting certification (decision No. e-ARS 2016/005), the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia acknowledged the mScan software’s compliance, providing users greater security and legal compliance in using this software. mScan is a modern tool used to capture and recognise characters in a variety of documents, i.e. forms or structured documents. It also produces excellent results in recognising texts in unstructured documents, which make up the majority of business correspondence. mScan enables processing scanned images in ways that are not possible with physical documentation. Such e-documents offer maximum use. More on mScan is available at this link.

By successfully passing the audit and being awarded the certificate, Mikrografija has accomplished yet another goal. Since our partners and clients come from various lines of business, we have endeavoured to provide tried-and-tested software for data capture, the kind that would become an indispensable part of any modern business.