The event kicked off with a lecture by Dr Sanela Banović on how work and the modern lifestyle impact our health from the psychological aspect. Work-related worries can be replaced with more pleasant thoughts, even if just for 30 minutes a day, simply by embracing someone, engaging in physical activity, spending time with friends or being intimate with your special someone.

Maruška Damjan from the Ministry of Public Administration talked about the Regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS) and its impact on paperless or electronic business operations of companies. Boštjan Gaberc, Director of Mikrografija, presented many changes that are already evident in society, as well as those that are yet to come as a result of e-business, the internet and the development of artificial intelligence. Mikrografija and its subsidiary APS Plus, for example, are already responding to the situation by introducing the cloud-based model of service payment – corresponding to the actual use.

A practical example of applying our solutions and services was presented by Dejan Cvitkovič from the Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana. Due to rapid growth and increased amounts of documentation, the organisation was compelled to find an effective, high-quality solution to streamline their business. Today, their operation is better and faster because they had implemented electronic business solutions.

For the second portion of the conference, the programme was divided into two sections. The section intended for librarians, archivists and museum workers witnessed great interest in digitisation and the numerous benefits it brings to business operations. In the e-business section, a lot of interest was expressed regarding cloud services since progressive companies are either flirting with or actually already using centralised digital mailrooms, which considerably ease the work.

The event was concluded with Andrea Massi, who wowed us all with his charisma and who shared his extensive career experience with us. We learned about what it takes for individuals and teams to engage in top sport, and realised that the business environment and top sport share many characteristics.

Interested in seeing what it was like at Mikrografija’s 8th conference? Have a look at the video below.