Year 2017 is a special year for Mikrografija, because the company is celebrating its 25 anniversary. Now, 25 years later, when the company outgrew its modest beginnings, we are proud of the path we walked up till today. The experience and knowledge that we have accumulated over the years are a very good prospect for the future.

Internal and external changes were constant in these years, and they demanded many adaptation in number of areas.

Entering new markets was a challenge that demanded even better services and improvements. This transition offered us greater and faster technological improvements and at the same time it has increased company’s personnel capacity and capital, thereby strengthening our competitive advantages.

We grew together with our clients, who were in many cases also a leverage for a number of new investments and development services.

Among many benefits, we would like to highlight a great team, because in spite of all business achievements, the company’s employees are the one that make the company what it is. As a team we have crushed many hard nuts and we will do so in the future.

The nature of the business changed in the last year and we evaluate that the demand for paperless services and solutions will increase in the future. Therefore we are looking forward to any new business challenges.