Who has not heard of Dr. Sanelo Banovic. We hosted her at our conference in 2016 and were enthusiastic about her. Many of you had the opportunity to listen to her speech at the renowned TedxLjubljana, but we were unanimous that all our employees should listen to her – live.

As part of the internal meeting between our employees, which we perform on the last Friday of each month, we invited Sanela to join us and share with us his real, realistic and life-witted advices on the psychological and related physical health that many often overlook. It is necessary to realize that psychological health is not a taboo. As Sanel says, we all know how the car works and how to take care of it, but we do not know how to take care of ourself.Concern for psychological health must in no way be a luxury and the last thing on our list of priorities.

In Mikrografija, we are aware that the pace of life we live is tiring and sometimes is difficult to stop. We want our employees to be happy and that do what makes them happy. We believe that our employees were impressed by words from Sanela and that everyone has found something in her numerous messages.