EASY developed the safe and effective EASY Archive Smart, an ongoing development of EASY Archive, which for years has been a proven module. EASY Archive Smart is an archive with unprecedented capabilities, and has been completely based on the tried and tested EASY Archive core. What makes EASY Archive Smart stand out?

EASY Archive Smart is the leanest archive ever built by EASY. Configuration and administration are reduced to the very basics. EASY Archive Smart comes largely preconfigured, with an interactive wizard doing the rest for you. It does not require an external database. It contains an integrated database that enables you to sacrifice an external database server.

This, however, was not accomplished by diminishing the range of services offered by the product. EASY Archive Smart still provides all the choices you expect from a professional archive, i.e. top performance, greatest reliability, and maximum flexibility.

Thanks to the optimised architecture, quick installation and simple configuration, as well as the improved EASY ENTERPRISE.i Reader, EASY Archive Smart enables you to simply switch to the new version.

The new interface brings numerous benefits. It enables you to integrate EASY Archive Smart seamlessly into your systems. The new interface can be used for the steps necessary for configuration and start-up. This is an optimum solution both for you and your clients.