The business breakfast guests were addressed by Mikrografija’s Director, Boštjan Gaberc, who highlighted not only the benefits of greater information accessibility, but also the vulnerabilities that invariably accompany it. The reasons why information security is a necessity, along with the ways of achieving it, were presented by Marko Erjavec, Principal Auditor at Bureau Veritas Slovenija.

Together with Primož Kočar of Evpos, the participants were able to test disruptions to the business rhythm in an interesting and interactive way. Bringing both strengths and weaknesses to a company, eurythmics is certainly a change that requires adjustments. This was followed by presentations of procedures involved in document management, along with advantages of using a document management system. APS Plus, a joint venture of Mikrografija and the Post of Slovenia, presented the service of capturing incoming daily mail, which is already an established practice at larger post offices. All procedures take place prior to the usual start of business and the company receives all documents in the morning in the electronic mailbox or to an e-mail address.

The presentation also included the advantages of integrating document management services from the cloud and combining human resource management systems.