In companies there are large quantities of barely useful, with years of increasingly less readable, but important documents, which are located inside internal archival spaces. AIIM’s research shows that on average employees spend 40 percent of working hours looking for information that can serve as important information for decision-making. The opportunity cost of data printed on a paper document and stored in archives in cellars is large and is with the technologies available unjustified.

Mikrografija is a company with more than sixty employees and has been in the market for document management for the third decade. Teh integirty od the solutions and services of document management is one of the key competitive advantages. The Law on the protection of Documentary and Archival materials directs organizations that they devote even more attention to the regulation of internal procedures in order to improve the quality of services, information security and to maximize the savings.

The mDocs document management system is a modular tool with BPM (Business Process Management) elements to manage your business processes exclusively in electronic form, thus supporting paperless businesses in organizations. mDocs is already integrated with a secure, legally compliant and certified mSef. In the last few years, Mikrografija has been devoting a lot of time to integrating the document system and e-storage system with third-party systems already in the user’s environment. The reason is that with the introduction of the document system and/or e-storage there is no major interference with the user’s working environment, while it provides key acquisitions: speeding up and lowering the business.

The efforts of management and corporate management are focused on business optimization, which is expected to bring about the necessary savings in the field of information technology. mDocs and mSef solutions, which are in fact cloud solutions to which users access from anywhere and anytime are due to the impotance of increasing accessibility and security of business information, practical and inexpensive. Hiring an IT solution does not require high investment costs, only monthly use of the solution is paid, depending on the modules used in case of renting a document management system or the amount of data used in the case of e-storage.

In favor of renting mDocs management system and services of electronic storage in the cloud they obvious advantages are speaking about. It is about renting a safe. secure, reliable and legally compliant tool, to which users have access 24/7/365 via web browser with or without the installed certificate.