You know the phrase “only 365 days, half a year, three months” until the GDPR. It is true, GDPR is approaching, but the question is whether you are ready. Have you already taken care of the right technology to deal with new legislation? If you have not yet now is the time to optimize your business. For some companies, we can say that they are on the right track, and the solutions we have implemented for the purpose of paperless operations will be very helpfull to them. In many companies, data is literally scattered. Such documents run the risk and need to be properly protected.

With the document system, it’s easier to protect your data (our mDocs document system will impress you). They also gain a more prominent role in the light of the upcoming regulation, as documenting systems are very easy to control documents throughout the organization. Protecting data held by your organization means protecting your customers and yourself, so do not hesitate to install appropriate technologies to protect all data, not just personal.

Enable paperless work with digital solutions and manage your documents with solutions that allow you to work faster, audit trail, flexibility and design that makes it easy to upgrade in line with your growth. According to our head of development and ECM, Marko Zupančič: ”The fourth industrial age takes companies into the computerization of business processes, the integration of IoT into their environments and the increasing use of SaaS. This part of the story also includes document systems that enable us to fully support the business processes of the organization. Looking at the trend of growth, companies will devote even more percent of their turnover to the process of digitization in 2018. In selecting document systems, priority will be given to those who are capable of agile integration into the customer’s environment.The speed and flexibility of introducing a solution is one of the important decisions that affect the competitiveness of the organization.”

Sometimes the changes are welcome and refreshing, because only then companies take decisions that affect their business. Sandi Rožman, technical director in Mikrografija, added: “After the crisis period, companies have aggressively joined the optimization of business processes, and are increasingly introducing paperless internal processes. They found that document management alone was not the greatest added value, but it became process management. Of course, the document system that is responsible for legally coherent document management should be closely integrated into the company’s environment and be linked to other systems that create or use documents and other data.”