Today, on 12.05.2022, we are celebrating 30 years of our existence and success in the field of digitalisation of business! 🎊

We are Mikrografija – us, our employees, and you, our customers and suppliers. ❤️

The commitment of our employees and the satisfaction and, consequently, the loyalty of our customers are one of the key drivers of our company’s success, which we would like to highlight on this anniversary.

We are proud of the fact that for 30 years we have been working together to deliver projects efficiently and effectively and to lay the best possible foundations for our clients’ digital businesses.

Over the years, we have completed a large number of projects and acquired a wealth of knowledge, which, with the desire to take on new challenges, gives us almost limitless possibilities in the near and distant future.

Our work is also guided by the values we pursue, which describe the standards of our work. Mikrografija operates in accordance with an accepted corporate culture. We strive to build mutual trust and work with our employees and customers, and we operate on the principle of mutual respect and efficiency.

📢  At this point, we would like to thank once again all our customers and business partners for their trust in us and all our employees who build our story with their work and enthusiasm.

We are confident that we will continue to do well in the future and that we will look back fondly on all the stories we have written and will continue to write together.